Spelt – a truly amazing grain

Spelt is an old type of grain that is closely related to wheat. It was already known, respected and cultivated in ancient times. Sadly, it declined in popularity during the 19th century due to the rapid developments in modern farming. It became faster to harvest common bread wheat in a single process. This is because each individual grain of spelt (unlike common wheat) is covered by a tough outer husk which requires removal in a further process before the grain can be milled into flour. Fortunately, spelt is making a comeback as a health food, packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.


Nutrition Facts:
  • High in carbs, protein and fiber,
  • good source of iron, copper, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, niacin, vitamin B6, and folic acid.
Health benefits:
  • lowers risk of strokes, heart attacks, type 2 diabetes and some cancers,
  • helps to maintain a healthier weight and have better digestive health,
  • helps blood circulation, boosts the immune system, builds strong bones and aids digestion,
  • helps with stress and depression reduction.

Despite all of these healthy benefits, spelt may be harmful for some people. This is because, it contains gluten, which is unsuitable for people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or a wheat allergy. Therefore, people suffering from these conditions should choose gluten-free grains.

How to use spelt flour?
  • It can be used for pancakes, cakes, dumplings, pasta, pizza or even bread.
  • Spelt flour has a nutty and slightly sweet flavour.
  • Spelt is more water-soluble so you may need to use less liquid than in the recipe.
  • Do not to over-knead spelt flour – it is a bit more fragile than wheat flour and needs less attention when preparing.

It is definitely worth to try spelt flour in your diet. I love the most the fact that all those baked goods are highly nutritious, really light and have delicious nutty flavour. As I promised, I am going to share Carrot Cake recipe. Click here and enjoy.

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