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My little moment of luxury

I love coffee! I love the smell, the taste and the aroma. Daily cup of coffee is my little moment of pleasure in a hectic day. It is like a meditation, a way to relax my mind and bringing back harmony.

I love especially my cup of coffee in the morning (of course prepared by my husband). It helps me to wake up and get up from my bed (in not so grumpy mood). Morning coffee gives me energy and motivation to start new day.

You know… you can drink your coffee in many ways – instant coffee, coffee from sachets or from a vending machine. But, you can also drink coffee with the capital C – from freshly ground coffee beans and with smoothly frothed milk. The good news is that it is not so difficult and expensive as you may think.


How do I like my coffee?

Coffee: unfortunately, I do not have coffee bean grinder, so I buy ground coffee. My favourite one is Lavazza Rosso, Espresso or Crema– rich, smooth and aromatic.

Water: I always use filtered water – nothing ruins coffee more than tap water.

Milk: full fat milk is the best for velvety, rich cappuccino. However, if you drink non-dairy milk, choose soya milk. I tried many milk alternatives, but I think soya milk creates the best foam – with little practice you can come out with texture and consistency of a standard milk latte. My top choice is Alpro soya milk. The best part is the nutty, creamy flavour of soya milk that enhances the aroma of the coffee.

Coffee machine: I use De’Longhi Traditional Pump Espresso Coffee Machine. We bought it five or six years ago and it still makes perfect espresso, cappuccino and latte! It’s a nicely compact and very easy to use.

Why not to indulge in a little coffee culture at home?

Make the perfect brew and don’t forget about little treat. Try my oatmeal chocolate cookies or carrot cake.

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