Magic formula for thoughtful gifts

I love giving gifts, even more than receiving them. I love the whole process of searching, preparing and wrapping. I love when my gifts make others happy, special or even make them laugh.

Why gift giving is so important?

Surprisingly, giving gifts is a key part of human interactions. It helps to strengthen bonds with your friends and family. You show that you remember and care about them. Who is on your gift list, says who is important in your life. However, gift giving has probably the biggest effect on ourselves. Giving to others makes us feel happy and caring. It just shows that there is a lot of pleasure in the giving. However, the more the relationship matters, the more we worry about getting it right. How do some people always pick the perfect present? It is definitely not easy to select the perfect gift, one that makes both you and the recipient smile when they open it.


My magic formula for perfect gift:

L + O + V + E = PG

L = listening for hints and clues that they may give to me

O = observing what makes them happy

V = for personal value by making your gift unique, handmade or personalised

E = putting an effort in finding gift (researching online, wandering in the shops to look for an inspiration)

PG is just simply Perfect Gift = don’t forget about wrapping it nicely, it is important too!


My 6 foolproof tips to pick perfect gift

  1. Think about budget – how much money can you spend on that gift?
  2. Think about recipient personality – elegant, sporty, posh, girly, traditional? Will they prefer something more practical or decorative?
  3. Do they have any hobby or interests – crafting, jewellery, gardening, sport, travelling, music and so on?
  4. Anything important has happened recently? Is your friend expecting baby – so diary for pregnant women or pregnancy workout DVD would be just perfect. Did they move to new home – so new decoration or kitchen gadgets would be great. Does your friend have new stressful job – so relaxing day in spa or cinema ticket would be ideal.
  5. What do they need? Have they given you any hints recently? Do some stocking on social media.
  6. Finally, do not leave it for the last minute – plan ahead.

What gifts do I like to give… and get ❤

Practical gifts: books (e.g. novels, cooking, Yoga, motivation guides), DVD with workout (I would be genuinely happy with it – not offended at all), kitchen gadgets (e.g. fruit infusing water jug), tableware (e.g. nice tablecloth, coffee set) – and so on. There are lots of ideas out there – you just need to look for an inspiration.

Handmade gifts: bake – cake, cupcakes, cookies (can you decorate them?), make earnings or bracelets, create photo-book or photo collage, make candle holders or home decoration – you make your personal touch, which is priceless.

Personalised gifts: I usually use those websites: printerpix or gettingpersonal.

Creative gifts:  My friend has 30th Birthday today, but we were celebrating few days earlier. This is my example for creative gift, that I did not expect to do at all. I made for her ‘task’ gift: ‘7 things to do before you turn 30’. I know her for over 10 years – she is Jelly-Queen, crazy dancer and she loves everything with butterflies, birds and chickens. And that is the final effect…


“7 things to do before you turn magic 30”

Task 1: Become Princess for one night (I bought for her Princess Birthday Badge, so she can become Princess on her Birthday party).

Task 2: Find out answer on eternal dilemma: “which came first: the chicken or the egg?” (I gave her chicken-shape egg cups, so she can start experimenting).

Task 3: Jelly binge eating (I bought for her 3 weird flavoured jellies – I’m sure she will enjoy it).

Task 4: Get the Grumpy look (cute Grumpy socks – personal touch from Grumpy fan).

Task 5: Save first penny for your dream house (I bought wooden money-house and then I decorated it with butterflies, birds and silver letters).

Task 6: Dance to Gangnam Style and post video on Facebook (still waiting LOL).

Task 7: And finally, make a list of 40 Things to do Before You Turn 40 (I gave her Writing Set decorated in butterflies).


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