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Bye-bye 2017

It’s the last day of 2017! I just can’t believe it – time flies so fast! But it was fantastic year with more ups than downs and we managed to make few big decisions 🙂
31st December… it’s just perfect time for us to reflect on our resolutions, how much we achieved and think about the moments that we want to cherish.

The Best Moments of 2017

February: First month of Dora Cherry Blog



April/May: 1st anniversary and 30th B-day in Tenerife


May: Bureau of the Year


May: Trip to Gdańsk, Malbork and Toruń


June/July: Summer on Boscombe Beach



July: Trip to Budapest and Sopron


July: Little Peter Peter project 🙂


October: Pici Macko comes back after 5 months missing ❤


Happy New Year 2018 ❤

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